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Composed by N.D. Saleeby, Souk-El-Gharb, Lebanon, 1947 A.D.

This is a brevity of the Saleeby-Saliba history which goes back to the centuries before Christ up to the second century A.D. Beginning from Prince Petronious Amiries son of Polithictos, son of Epocratos, the Hellinc of Tibbanous family which ruled in Sparta during that time. This Amiries was born in a ship while his mother Aghrist with his uncle Emofaratis fled from Sparta after his father's death; this was near the shores of Biblous, the city of the Phoenician Gods.

This Amiries grew to be commander over Caesar's army. As an idolater although his mother, a Christian tried to convert him to her faith, but in vain. She prayed that her desire may be fulfilled. By a miracle he was converted by John, an apostle of Saint Paul, who converted and baptized him during the year 67 A.D. This was the same year when the apostles assembled in Antioch and were called Christians.

Thinking it unwise to return to Rome, he went to Huran in Syria where he got friends and relatives and lived in (El-Basseer), built a home and moved his family and lived to be 101 years of age. He died and his body was carried back to Sparta and buried.

Amiries' son, Nocalaous, married and begat El-Gouth, a great hero who was called El-Saleeby by an Arabian prince for his wars against the Jews and idolaters, defending the Christian faith. He was born the year of 89 A.D. and died 197 A.D. in Azrah of Huran.

When the Christians lost power and wealth, they began to migrate - leaving their homes. John Ben Bilsarous El-Saleeby gave up Saint Jacobs Monastery to the Moslems. This was built by El-Gouth El-Saleeby during the second century. One Jacob Demitry Saleeby migrated from Huran to El-Kourah in Lebanon. Where after Farris El-Saleeby, son of Acklidis - followed.

Al-Abry Farris' son left to Antioch and from him all the Saleeby's and Saliba's in that section descended. After Farris's death, Tamir, Jacob's son, became the leader who during his days things developed until the 12th century when the Crusaders came from Europe to rescue Jerusalem form the Moslems. But for the bad conduct and mistreatment to the inhabitants of Lebanon these Saleeby's were forced to form an alliance with the Arabs to fight for their safety until 1380 when things were settled. When El-Wardy Ben-Mansour El-Saleeby died, the family began to scatter in all directions of the country where many have been given nicknames, other than Saleeby. About 30 branches were given these various names, as is recorded below.

The Saleeby's who came from El-Koura to Bteghreen during 1625 A.D. are Jacob and his cousins Assad, Joseph and Harun, came to Btalloon, built a home and lived, whereafter Joseph returned to Bteghreen and Harun went to Nebatyeh. Assad and his family stayed at Btalloon, thereafter some of his children moved to Souk-El-Gharb and other towns nearby.

In 1886 migration to the western world began where we find thousands of Saleeby and Saliba families in North and South America, England, Africa, Australia, and all parts of the world.

Branches of the Saleeby and Saliba Families:


Yanni   El-Ghereeb, Dahrouge


Ghosn El-Hashim   Harun ...Nabatyeh
Nahaas El-Wardi   El-Hilow ...North Lebanon
Awon El-Irwadi   Budran ...Beirut
El-Hawe El-Yazigi   El-Abry ...Antioch
Hayder Naffah   El-Hakim ...El-Salt
Abu-Hayder El-Jazairy   El-Azar ...El-Koura


  Nassar ...Souk-El-Gharb
Hummam   Shammas ...Huran & El-Koura
Kheirallah   Ackle, Abi-George ...Bteghrine
Nayim, Ataye   Abi-Sulaiman ...Zahleh


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