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Helena Jameli Ataya turned 100 years old on February 28th 2011.

Helena Jameli Ataya

From the moment she arrived and was seated on the stage area, a long queue formed with people waiting at the foot of the stairs to come up and speak with her and get a photo taken. The photographer said afterward he had only ever seen that happen before for the Pope, so he figured she must be well known and respected!.
Helena Jameli Ataya

She is the daughter of Assid Corban and
Najibie Ataya Saliba of Shweir, Lebanon.

Around 300 people from around New Zealand
and overseas turned out to congratulate her
and celebrate this milestone.

The party was held at her fathers old estate,
Corbans Winery, near to her home. It was a
great day to eat, drink, catch up with old
friends and relatives and celebrate her life.


Helena Jameli Ataya


Helena Jameli Ataya Family

All the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of Helena and her late husband George Ataya Saliba were there to celebrate.


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